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Leasing Only

Tenant Placement Services.

Do You need help filling your vacant properties! We have the perfect Solution. We offer a comprehensive Tenant Placement Service. NO up front Fees!

Marketing & Staging Your Property

Knowing what tenants want will help you rent your home more quickly and efficiently. From a cosmetic view point, it
is very important that potential renters see your property in the best condition possible. With that being said, every detail from safety, functionality, repairs, and conditional improvements must be addressed to insure that your property is rented in less time.  After all, the goal is to position and market your property.

enant Screening

We perform thoroughly background checks on all prospective applicants that are interested in your property. We qualify all individuals based upon their Credit, Rental, and Work history. We actually require that all specific documentation submitted by applicants to be verified. Applicants that have poor, inconsistent, or insufficient work or rental history will be disqualified. Tenants that have an average rating will be approved based upon their ability to put down more towards the minimal security deposit.

After, an applicant has passed our screening process, we give You all information so that you can make an informed and final decision to accept or decline the applicant. Once a prospective tenant meets all required qualifications, we will then proceed to constructing a lease.



Marketing & Advertising
Property Staging & Showing 
Tenant Screening & Background Checks
Lease Preparation Documentation
We perform Move- Inspection 


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