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Tenant Eviction
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At Synergy, we specialize in removing problematic Tenants from your Rental Property. We can file a dispossessory affidavit and/or attend court hearings on your behalf. We are not Legal Attorneys, but we are Licensed Real Estate Professionals that offer equivalent Representation. We Stop the Frustration. Period.

Tenant Eviction Filing
Tenant Warrant Filing
Attend Magistrate Court proceedings
Moving and/or Removing - items from property
Property Preservation

Tenant Placement
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We offer a comprehensive Tenant Placement Service. NO up front Fees!

With continual advertising, we take numerous calls daily to keep units fully rented. We require each potential tenant to complete an application. All information submitted is followed up with a thorough background check to verify their current employment, rental history, and/or credit & criminal history is acceptable. This helps to ensure that your property will have the best tenant possible.

Market & Show your Property to potential Renters.
Thoroughly Screen all Applicants interested in Property
Provide all paperwork, including Lease documents.
Perform credit and background checks

Property Management
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It is our job to manage your Property so you don't have to worry about your investment.  A Property Assistant will be assigned to your property and will be responsible for the following to ensure your satisfaction with our company: 

Collect the Rent, handle deposits, deal with late payments
Handle Evictions filings and Magistrate Court proceedings
Handle all book keeping and Record keeping
Maintain the property | Periodic Inspections

Handle Emergency Repairs
Enforce policies and Property rules
Provide monthly accounting statements and reports to owners
, etc.




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