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Founded. To provide our Clients with Exceptional Experience and proven Leadership. All the while maximizing returns on our Client's real estate investment, decreasing expenses, and growing profits for the short term while planning for the long term.

Industry Leader. Synergy was built from the ground up to cater to the needs of our Client's and put their best interest first. Being Investors ourselves, we are able to easily relate, adapt, and customized our services to cater to the different needs of our Clients.

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We believe a Property Management Company should do more than just collect Management Fees.

For over 13 years Synergy has been providing Quality Services in the Metro Atlanta Area.

We set the Standard. We have adapted to the Standard.  We are the Standard.


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We feel the most important Service that a Management Company should offer you first is Communication.




We are held Accountable for our Actions and must be held equally Responsible for our decisions.

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Maintenance is the most Significant factor that directly Impacts the Value of Your Investment.

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we set the standard in task proficiency & real customer service.

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